24 year old, from Italy.
I hate not knowing something, I’m always looking for information to fill the gaps that my job takes me.

I’m a perfectionist, when there’s work to do I don’t like to waste time and I put my passion in front of everything. 

My parents are humble people and they sent me the respect for the work and the patience, to be used with moderation and balance.

Those who choose to work with me investing, and today every good investment is the fundamental basis of a good working relationship.
I believe in myself, but I prefer to find answers in the people rather than lock me in my ideas and stop them, after all, the only real limitation to our imagination we’re just not us? 

From an educational point of view I’m always gone against the tide of common choices, from high school, where he preferred to embark on a path of classical type.

Classical studies were a necessary requirement in my curriculum.

Entering in those lines grew in me the spirit of adventure, thirst for new knowledge and experience, the awareness in the use of the wit, the versatility, concepts that still accompany every moment of my day and to whom I am indebted.

I chose a different world, I decided to do something for myself, that I liked, excite me, and keep me alive every day, working with a smile, always.


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